Aunt Sookie & Me

"Folks don’t like mess in a tidy town,” declares young Miss Poppy
Wainwright in this rollicking romp of a ride.

In Michael Scott Garvin’s Aunt Sookie & Me, he takes us on an
unforgettable journey through Savannah in the turbulent year of

Both hilarious and heartbreaking, this Southern Gothic classic
introduces us to the irrepressible Poppy and her cantankerous
ancient Aunt Sookie. All political correctness is buried alongside
the dead corpse in the family vegetable garden in the riotous book.


Garvin’s follow-up to his award-winning, bestseller, A Faithful Son,

does not disappoint. The zany cast of characters in this homegrown
treat includes the proper socialites of Savannah’s upper crust, a
flamboyant ice cream man, and an ornery goat. But don’t let the
folksy and fresh recipe fool you, Garvin serves up a big helping of
reality, cutting through small-town bigotry and bias.

Through the enlightened eyes of a thirteen-year-old girl, the
hilarity and insanity ensues.

Garvin may have earned his entry through the Pearly Gates with
his graceful debut, A Faithful Son, but his ticket into heaven may be
revoked with the irreverent and side-splitting Aunt Sookie and Me.